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Aging Health Matters Podcast
We are the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization, working to improve the quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries. Our site offers beneficiary and family-centered care information for providers, patients, and families. Welcome!

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where you can find the podcast

You can find the Aging Health Matters podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Visit the podcast website:

Aging Health Matters

have you heard about our new podcast?

about kepro

As a Beneficiary and Family Centered Care Quality Improvement Organization (BFCC-QIO), Kepro provides free services to people with Medicare (including Medicare Advantage), as well as their families and representatives, that help with these types of questions:

  • Were you (or a family member) admitted to the hospital and are being discharged but aren’t ready to go home?
  • Are your Medicare skilled services – such as physical therapy – ending too soon?
  • What can you do if you are concerned about the quality of care you received from your hospital, doctors, or others?
  • Do you need a concern about your medical care taken care of right away?

about the podcast

One way you can learn more about these free services, as well as other healthcare topics, is by tuning in to Kepro’s new podcast: Aging Health Matters.

Podcasts are audio files that you can download or listen to on the Internet. Each audio recording is called a podcast episode.

Listeners will get tips that can help improve their healthcare journeys. Your podcast host - Kepro - is joined by guests to have open conversations that are aimed at making life a little bit easier.


Listen to episodes on the podcast website by clicking on the episode links below. You can also find the Aging Health Matters podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

season 1

episode 1: overview of free kepro bfcc services for people who have medicare

This episode gives listeners an overview of Kepro’s free services.

Guest: Cheryl Cook, RN; BFCC Program Director

Ways to listen:

episode 2: how kepro outreach staff work with stakeholders

This episode gives an insight into how Kepro staff work with stakeholders, including the sharing of information that can be passed along to Medicare beneficiaries.

Guest: Kia Weaver, MPH, Outreach Specialist

Ways to listen:

episode 3: how kepro's immediate advocacy services help people who have medicare

Listen to this episode to learn more about Immediate Advocacy, a free service for people who have Medicare. You will hear examples of when to call Kepro and ask for Immediate Advocacy.

Guest: Kim McDonald, MSW, Ed.D., Clinical Review Supervisor

Ways to listen:

episode 4: rural health, things you need to know

Learn about the challenges that are unique to people that live in a rural setting and some of the ways that they encounter some of those issues and ways that Kepro can help.

Guest: Nancy Jobe, Outreach Specialist

Ways to listen:

episode 5: state health insurance assistance program (ship) organizations and medicare open enrollment

This episode focuses on State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) organizations. They offer free Medicare counseling information, unbiased, factual, to everyone on Medicare. This is especially helpful during Medicare open enrollment.

Guest: Janet Peterson Payne, certified Georgia SHIP Medicare counselor

Ways to listen:

episode 6: health literacy

This episode is about health literacy. We'll talk about what a Beneficiary and Family Centered Care Quality Improvement Organization does for Medicare patients to better understand some of the elements of their care, explaining and communicating clearly some of the medical issues that they've been through and some of the problems that they have faced.

Guest: Kristen Peck, Technical Writer

Ways to listen:

episode 7: a conversation about caregiving

This podcast episode coincides with National Caregiver Month in November. We are happy to bring you a conversation between Nancy Jobe, one of Kepro’s Outreach Specialists, and two of her partners who are speaking about caregiving programs that are in their states and may be available for you as well.

Guests: Nadine Walter, OKDHS Community Living, Aging and Protective Services; Gabe Goeres, Missoula Aging Services

Ways to listen:

episode 8: how ships help people who have medicare

This episode includes one of our partnering organizations, the State Health Insurance Assistance Program, also known as SHIP. We are happy to bring you a conversation between Kia Weaver, a member of Kepro’s Outreach team, and a guest from SHIP who will talk about ways in which SHIP organizations help people who have Medicare.

Guest: Shirley Thomas, Certified SHIP Medicare Counselor

Ways to listen:

episode 9: how the appeals medical record process works

This episode talks about how the appeals medical record review process works, as well as how Medicare patients can be more engaged in their healthcare.

Guests: Kepro staff, Dr. Jessica Whitley, Chief Medical Officer, and Rose Hartnett, the Director of Operations in the appeals department.

Ways to listen:

episode 10: how the long-term care ombudsman program helps people who have medicare

This episode is a conversation with our guest from the Oklahoma Long-Term Care Ombudsman, Bill Whited. He will talk about the services that their organization offers for Medicare beneficiaries.

Guest: William Whited, Oklahoma State Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Ways to listen:

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